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This service identifies stocks with clean Elliott Wave price patterns that are starting new trendy moves and therefore represent good trading opportunities. New stocks will be posted as they are found and will be placed at the top of each list. All charts will be updated by 7pm est every day the market is open. Click on any stock to see its chart.

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stock (ticker)time frameprice targetstop loss levelElliott Wave analysis
Best Buy (BBY)5-10 months165104I love the stocks that only present one real possible labeling. The big 2020 up leg on BBY is one such move. You can debate the little details, or you can focus on the clear trendy nature of the move. Same with the big sideways pullbacks - it's obviously a three-wave countertrend move. As long as it's trading above the stop level, this will look like the start of the next big five-wave advance.
National Oilwell Varco (NOV)2-4 months20.5013.90
NOV represents an oil play and a bullish Elliott Wave setup. The up leg in late 2020 is a clear trendy five-wave move while the pullback in 2021 is a three-wave move that appears to have ended. NOV will be poised to continue higher from here as long as it's trading above its red stop level. The target for this move is at 20.50.
Amazon (AMZN)4-8 months45003130It's hard not to like this one given how clean the price patterns on AMZN have been. The up leg off the 2020 low is a very clear five-wave move. The pullback off the September 2020 high is obviously a countertrend move and took a three-wave form (as a countertrend move should). Now, AMZN has resumed giving us trendy upside action. This guy will look bullish as long as it's trading above the red stop level.
Summer Infant (SUMR)4-8 months31.0013.00SUMR completed a large trendy five-wave advance in October and followed it with a big ABC pullback that retraced approximately 61.8% of the up leg. It's now showing trendy upside potential again. SUMR will look bullish as long as it's trading above its stop level.
Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM)4-8 months100.0060.30A clear and trendy five-wave advance was followed by an apparent ABC pullback that appears to have ended in March and is now giving way to a new five-wave advance. Upside potential is large as long as AEM is trading above its stop level.
Lowes (LOW)5-10 months270170What a great chart this is. LOW traced out a big five-wave advance over the course of seven months. It followed that up with a sideways ABC pullback that spanned five months. It has now broken out in the next five-wave advance and has a lot of work to do before this move is over. As long as it's trading above its red stop level, we'll have our sights set on 270.
Facebook (FB)4-8 months410280FB sports the standard "five waves up, three waves down" pattern, but it's more developed in that it has already broken out in the next five-wave advance. As long as FB is trading above its stop level, higher prices have to be expected en route to its price target at 410.
Rollins, Inc (ROL)6-12 months53.0034.00This is a large cap, more conservative mid-term play. But it's still rock solid, thanks to a big five-wave wave advance followed by a clear three-wave pullback that has found support in our yellow Fibonacci retracement area. As long as ROL is trading above 34.00, the setup for higher prices up to 53.00 will exist.
Roper Technologies (ROP)5-10 months510400ROP offers a classic Elliott Wave setup consisting of a big five-wave advance that was followed by a larger degree ABC pullback that now appears to be over. ROP is expected to continue up towards 510 from here as long as it's trading above its red stop level.
Clarivate (CLVT)5-10 months39.0025.00As nice as the trendy five-wave advance is, the clear three-wave nature of the pullback is what I like best about this setup, and it doesn't hurt that it found support almost right at a 61.8% retracement of the five-wave move. As long as CLVT is trading above its stop level, it will be poised to continue up to our price target at 39.00.

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