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TrendLizard’s Daily Update

Friday, May 29th 2015

today’s storylines (example)

1. The U.S. market moved a bit lower today. It appears that a near-term pullback is underway, but continue to hold onto your current trades because an important high is not yet in.

2. Global markets are grinding here. Most of these ETFs do not appear to be ready to move higher yet. Take your time with this group.

our portfolio (example)

changes made today 

We added a new buying opportunity on USO (oil)
– We also improved the stop levels on our UVXY (vix), IBB (biotech), and QQQ (nasdaq) trades

our current trades
*for mobile users,  please view in landscape to see all portfolio information*
our pending trades
action etf etf name enter this trade at place initial stop level at current price level
buy USO oil $22.25 $20.25 $20.31
short DBA agriculture $21.50 $22.50 $21.24
buy RSX russia $21.00 $19.00 $18.95
buy EWZ brazil $38.00 $35.00 $31.69

ETF chart database (example)

*note that the color of each chart’s box indicates that ETF’s near-term trend

Today’s most interesting charts (click on charts below for more info):

SPY (S&P 500), QQQ (Nasdaq), XLF (Financials), EEM (Emerging Markets), FXI (China), JO (Coffee), USO (Oil), and FXY (Yen)

market index ETFs (example)

SPY (S&P 500)

DIA (Dow Jones)

QQQ (Nasdaq)

IWM (Russell 2000)

IYT (Transports)

market sector ETFs (example)

IBB (Biotech)

IYR (Real Estate)

IYZ (Telecom)

XLE (Energy)

XLF (Financials)

XLK (Technology)

XLV (Health Care)

XLY (Discretionary)

global market ETFs (example)

EEM (Emerging Mkts)

EPI (India)

EWA (Australia)

EWG (Germany)

EWJ (Japan)

EWU (United Kingdom)

EWZ (Brazil)

FXI (China)

RSX (Russia)

VEU (World less US)

commodity ETFs (example)

DBA (Agriculture)

GLD (Gold)

JO (Coffee)

SLV (Silver)

UNG (Natural Gas)

USO (Oil)

currency ETFs (example)

FXA (Australian Dollar)

FXC (Canadian Dollar)

FXE (Euro)

FXY (Yen)

UUP (US Dollar)

bond and volatility ETFs (example)

UVXY (Vix)

IEF (Treasuries)

LQD (Corp Bonds)

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