ETF chart database (Example)

*note that the color of each chart’s box indicates that ETF’s current trend

market index ETFs (example)

SPY (S&P 500)

DIA (Dow Jones)

QQQ (Nasdaq)

IWM (Russell 2000)

IYT (Transports)


market sector ETFs (example)

IBB (Biotech)

IYR (Real Estate)

IYZ (Telecom)

XLE (Energy)

XLF (Financials)

XLK (Technology)

XLV (Health Care)

XLY (Discretionary)


global market ETFs (example)

EEM (Emerging Mkts)

EPI (India)

EWA (Australia)

EWG (Germany)

EWJ (Japan)

EWU (United Kingdom)

EWZ (Brazil)

FXI (China)

RSX (Russia)

VEU (World less US)


commodity ETFs (example)

DBA (Agriculture)

GLD (Gold)

JO (Coffee)

SLV (Silver)

UNG (Natural Gas)

USO (Oil)

currency ETFs (example)

FXA (Australian Dollar)

FXC (Canadian Dollar)

FXE (Euro)

FXY (Yen)

UUP (US Dollar)


bond and volatility ETFs (example)

UVXY (Vix)

IEF (Treasuries)

LQD (Corp Bonds)

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