Professional Service

  • Our Professional Service is designed for the active trader who needs detailed market analysis and ETF trade recommendations three times a week, as well as the ability to have us analyze any three market instruments of your choice each month. This service level includes three times a week updates and analysis on the Elliott Wave patterns of every one of the 40 ETFs follow. You will never be left in the dark. It also includes the ability to submit any three market instruments (stock, index, crypto, ETF) a month for analysis. These instruments will be analyzed and you will receive a custom video discussing their Elliott Wave patterns on all time frames, including a trading plan.

  • A subscription to our professional service allows you to send us three ticker symbols each month (stocks, cryptos, indexes, ETFs). They will be analyzed on every time frame using the Elliott Wave theory to create a full understanding of their trend and how to trade it. This analysis will be provided in video format . Email your ticker symbols using the form at the bottom of your professional service members page, or email your ticker symbols directly to

  • Every Monday Wednesday and Friday by 7pm est you can log in to your professional service account to access our daily analysis. Here we analyze all notable market developments, including ETF trade recommendations. See an example of our daily analysis here.

  • Each Friday by 9pm est log in to your professional service account to access our Weekly Report. This report recaps the entire week of market action and focuses on the mid-term time frame. Here you can find mid-term ETF trade recommendations and forecasts of overall market direction. See an example of our weekly report by clicking here.

  • Included with every daily analysis is access to an updated chart of each one of the 40 ETFs we follow, to make sure you always know where each ETF is in its respective Elliott Wave trend. See an example of our chart database here.

  • If you ever have any questions regarding your professional service subscription, email and we will solve it.

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