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Every day we use the Elliott Wave Theory to analyze the stock market. We look for segments of the market that are entering new short and mid-term trends, and when they do, we tell you exactly how to trade them using Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

The Elliott Wave Theory is based on the predictable nature of crowds, and it has provided consistent profits for our subscribers since 2003. You don't need to know a thing about the Elliott Wave Theory to become successful with us; we do the heavy lifting and provide you with only what you need to know to make consistent, profitable investments using the world's most powerful trading methodology.

Together we will make money in every segment of the stock market; U.S. market indexes, U.S. market sectors, global markets, commodities, currencies, bonds and volatility. We trade them all because you never know where the best trends are going to take place. See our free long-term analysis of every ETF we follow by clicking here. 

All of our trade recommendations come with exact buy and sell instructions using Exchange-Traded Funds, and can be done in your normal trading account or IRA. Learn more about how to use our service or what our daily updates or weekly newsletter look like by following these links.

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At TrendLizard we identify and trade the stock market's strongest trends using Elliott Wave, and we show you exactly how to do the same. This stuff works. Take a free one-week spin and see for yourself!