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TrendLizard's ETF Trading Performance (as of 6/8/22)

 Year Win/Loss Ave. Gain Ave. Loss S&P 500 return (comparison) TrendLizard returns*
 2022 1/5  +2.06 -5.26%  -12.70% -12.08%
 2021 8/18  +19.70% -5.64%  26.89% +82.40%
 2020 8/8  +12.91% -2.98%  16.26% +33.34%
 2019 3/8  +12.65% -3.77%  +28.88% +21.00%
 2018 11/10  +12.61% -2.56%  -4.38% +9.42%
 2017  7/9  +9.55% -4.15%   +19.42% +35.80%
 2016  11/10  +7.45% -3.15%   +9.53% +14.46%
2015  14/19 +12.23%  -4.84% -0.70% +7.26%
2014  27/16 +8.49%  -4.43% +11.13% +38.75%
2013 30/8  +7.78% -2.88% +27.00% +51.28%

what we do for you and your trading at

Stop buying good stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies only to watch them go against you because of bad timing. Never again enter a trade not knowing what to expect next or when you should sell. Don't get crushed during market downturns. If you want an edge in the stock market, you need to be ahead of the crowd by knowing when trendy moves are going to continue and when a reversal is coming. This is what we offer; the most powerful market timing trading strategy of all time and how to use it to supercharge your trading.

We use the Elliott Wave Theory to identify and trade the trend of every major stock market segment (using ETFs), the most popular stocks, and cryptocurrencies on the short and mid-term time frames. And it works. We tell you (and teach you how to determine) where the overall market is going to go, what market sectors, individual stocks, and major cryptos are going to outperform, and exactly what trades to make, including precisely when to buy and sell.

Using this powerful theory, we analyze and provide trade recommendations on all major ETFs (U.S. market indexes and sectors, global markets, commodities, currencies, and bonds; 41 in total), as well as 21 of the most-followed stocks (AAPL, AMD, AMZN, COP, CRM, DIS, FB, FDX, GM, GOOGL, GS, HD, MSFT, NFLX, PYPL, SBUX SQ, TSLA, TWTR, UNH, and V), and the ten most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, BNB, BCH, LINK, LTC, XLM, and XRP). We analyze it all. Most importantly, we're good at it; we have handily beat the S&P 500 seven out of eight years. We also keep you safe; our subscribers have been 100% in cash during every notable market selloff since we opened the doors, including the Coronavirus Crash (our subscribers were in cash within a few days of the high).

We're not like other Elliott Wave services or trading system pushers. There's nothing vague about our market forecasts. We don't post 100 trades and then cherry pick the best few for our marketing. Instead we tell you exactly what Elliott Wave says is coming next and back it up with specific high-potential, low-risk trades. Along the way, we use every opportunity to educate you about the right way to trade using Elliott Wave. All of our trade recommendations come with exact buy and sell instructions and, aside from our crypto trade recommendations, can be done in your normal trading account or IRA. Click on these links to see what our traditional daily updates or weekly newsletters look like.

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our trading record

Since 2013, subscribers to our traditional ETF trading services have outperformed the S&P 500 by

Win/Loss Ratio
# of gains
# of losses
Average Gain
Average Loss

*every trade we've made has been set up beforehand with exact buy and sell instructions

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  • "Hi Ryan... your recent calls have been brilliant. I really enjoy reading your daily report... it has helped me a lot! Thanks so much"

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  • "Love your charts Ryan. Great sanity check for my trades/investments. You add validity to a setup, and it's the best trading service I have found."

    - Dr. Bill

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    - Richard

  • "I want to thank you for sharing your insight into the stock market. I've always thought it was a random mess without any way to gain an edge. You have proven to me that the market is orderly and even predictable, with the right tools which you seem to have found. Thank you!!"

    - Samuel

  • " I read you on a daily basis and love your simplicity and accuracy. I really appreciate your daily comments and weekly letter. You are easy to read and most importantly, I'm finally making consistent profits in the market. Keep your good work and hope to read your blog for a long time!"

    - Martin

  • "Congratulations to TrendLizard! Really good job that you do! I love your work and I love Elliot Wave Principle! Thank you very much!"

    - Karoly

  • "I've been searching for years for a trading service that could give me objective, tradable advice without the fluff. You've done it - keep up the good work Ryan!"

    - Dennis

  • "Too much of Elliott Wave is biased and subjective opinions with no chance of making money. You have broke that mold with first Wavespeak and now TrendLizard. It's a god send to be able to follow your trading methodology and understand how the market really works. Please don't stop!"

    - Jenn

  • "I always thought Elliott Wave really was just a theory, not a tradable system. You are hands down the most accurate and profitable Elliott Wave follower I have come across. Keep up the fantastic work, I'll be reading it every day!"

    - Ethan

  • "Your site is really great. I have searched high and low for exactly what you are doing. Nice Job."

     - Carlos

  • "I'm new to the Elliott Wave and still don't always grasp it. I'm happy to find a service where I don't have to; your analysis is very easy to follow, thank you for what you do!"

    - Jimmer

  • "I've followed Prechter and Hochberg for a long time. I'm happy to find TrendLizard and your objective approach to trading!"

    - Chris

  • "I've never had so much calm in my trading, it's a pleasure to find a trading system that removes the guessing and finds the trends."

    - Julio

  • "Ryan, I really like your graphs, comments, and trading style. It puts my mind at ease and makes me think more longer term on trends, I have been too in and out quickly. Keep up the great work!!"

    - Dave

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Look, I've been where you are. I've suffered through years of "market education" in the form of unnecessary losses. I've read literally hundreds of books on different trading systems and how to uncover the "holy grail". I've looked at price charts packed with dozens of technical indicators looking for the magic combination. Almost all of it is noise that distracts you from what truly matters. Elliott Wave - specifically objective Elliott Wave - is the answer. The market tells us all the time where it's going to go next; only Elliott Wave knows how to listen. If you're ready to take control of your investment portfolio, use stop levels that actually mean something, understand the market like never before, and consistently beat the S&P 500, then let's go!