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Thursday October 28th 2021

today's storylines 

A brief displ

In this section we will discuss all notable daily developments that take place on any of the individual stocks or crypto currencies that we follow.

We will set up specific stock and crypto trades as they arise. However, note that you can always trade any move that is in a trendy pattern, as long as you are okay with the risk of the trade (calculated by looking at the difference between the current price of the instrument and the indicated stop level shown in red). See all of the stocks and cryptocurrencies we cover in the chart database below. The ones highlighted in green are potential trade candidates.

recommended near-term trades

Today's changes

- a new trade has been set up on SPY (S&P 500)

our current trades

all current trades can be entered any time after we've entered the trade

our pending trades

these are trades we will enter once our "enter trade at" level is hit


chart database

notes were updated on the following charts today:
SPY (S&P 500), QQQ (Nasdaq), UNG (Natural Gas), EEM (Emerging Markets), EWZ (Brazil), IYZ (Telecom)

U.S. market index ETF charts

SPY (S&P 500)

DIA (Dow Jones)

QQQ (Nasdaq)

IWM (Russell 2000)

IYT (Transports)


AAPL (Apple)

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

AMZN (Amazon)

BABA (Alibaba)

COP (Conoco Phillips)

DIS (Disney)

FB (Facebook)

FDX (FedEx)

GM (General Motors)

GOOGL (Alphabet)

JPM (JP Morgan Chase)

MRNA (Moderna)

MSFT (Microsoft)

NFLX (Netflix)


PXD (Pioneer Natural Resources)

PYPL (PayPal)

SQ (Square)

TSLA (Tesla)

UNH (UnitedHealth)

V (Visa)

WBA (Walgreens Boots Alliance)


BTC (Bitcoin)

ETH (Ethereum)

BNB (BinanceCoin)

BCH (BitcoinCash)

ADA (Cardano)

LINK (Chainlink)

DOGE (Dogecoin)

LTC (Litecoin)

XLM (Stellar)


U.S. market sector ETF charts

IBB (Biotech)

ICLN (Clean Energy)

IYR (Real Estate)

IYZ (Telecom)

XLE (Energy)

XLF (Financials)

XLP (Consumer Staples)

XLV (Health Care)

XLY (Discretionary)

global market ETF charts

EEM (Emerging Mkts)

EPI (India)

EWA (Australia)

EWC (Canada)

EWG (Germany)

EWJ (Japan)

EWS (Singapore)

EWU (United Kingdom)

EWZ (Brazil)

FXI (China)

RSX (Russia)

VEU (World less US)

commodity ETF charts

DBA (Agriculture)

GLD (Gold)

JO (Coffee)

SLV (Silver)

UNG (Natural Gas)

USO (Oil)

currency ETF charts

FXA (Australian Dollar)

FXC (Canadian Dollar)

FXE (Euro)

FXY (Yen)

UUP (US Dollar)

GBTC (Bitcoin)

bond and volatility ETF charts

UVXY (Vix)

IEF (Treasuries)

LQD (Corp Bonds)

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