who we are

We are stock market professionals who have participated in the market in several different roles since 1996. We have been private investors, worked as stock brokers, managed public investment funds, made investment decisions for a $150 million dollar private equity fund, run multiple investment advisory services since 2003, worked in compliance, and have participated in every single market session for the past 30 years.

Since 2003, our trading strategy has been centered on the Elliott Wave Theory. We have seen the biggest bull markets and biggest bear markets in stock market history. We’ve also waded through volatile and indecisive market periods. We’ve made substantial, consistent profits in all conditions, and we will continue to do so heading forward.

We are obsessed with the market and with providing the best possible investment advice service on the planet. Our goal is to provide the easiest, most straightforward, and most accurate Elliott Wave service anywhere. Just because this is a highly-complex, ultra-powerful investment strategy, it doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult to apply.  We do the heavy lifting and provide you with only what you need to know; what and when to buy, and when to sell to participate in the stock market’s strongest trends using ETFs, individual stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

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This is the best Elliott Wave service you will find anywhere. Come see for yourself!

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