TrendLizard’s trading strategy

Trading Goal: To make our subscribers highly successful in the stock market by identifying and trading the stock market’s strongest trends, no matter where they happen and in which direction they occur. We apply a very objective and accurate brand of the Elliott Wave Theory to 41 different Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), 21 individual stocks, and 10 cryptocurrencies every day to accomplish this. Every trade we enter is a high-probability, low-risk opportunity. (note that all subscription levels have access to our ETF trades and analysis, while only the plus-level services have access to our stock and crypto trades and analysis)

Trading Strategy: We started by identifying every major corner of the stock market that is tradable. We found that the tradable universe can be generally broken up into seven categories: U.S. stock market indexes,  U.S. stock market sectors, global markets, commodities, currencies, bonds, and volatility.

From these seven groups, we identified the highest-volume ETFs that represent every major market that can be traded. This returned a list of 41 ETFs that allows us to participate in any major trend that is taking place across the globe and in any nook of the market. Every ETF trade we will ever take will be done on one of these 41 ETFs. We have also added trading recommendations on 21 stocks and 10 cryptocurrencies; every stock and crypto trade we take will be done on one of these 31 instruments. Together, these 72 instruments make up our trading universe.

Every day, we apply the Elliott Wave Theory to each one of the 72 instruments we follow on every possible time frame, starting from the moment the instrument first began trading, working all the way in to today’s minute-by-minute action. We use Elliott the way it’s meant to be used; 100% objectively and with the sole purpose of identifying tradable trends.

IBB Example

When an instrument is in a trendy move like the green move shown above, we will trade it at every logical opportunity.  So any time we can identify a setup for the instrument to move higher, we will trade it. When the trend ends and a countertrend move begins like the one shown in red, we want nothing to do with that instrument until the trend resumes – even if it takes months or even years for that to happen. We will simply shift our focus to the instruments that are trending at that time.

Our Elliott Wave strategy gives us a very powerful and accurate way to identify when something is in a trend, when a trend has ended, and when countertrend movement has begun. It’s powerful stuff, and our returns show that it works. We’ll give you a free week to prove it.

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