how to use TrendLizard

1  Pick the subscription option that suits you best and sign up for a free trial.

– If you are a near-term trader that follows the market most days and want overall market direction and ETF trade recommendations, choose Trader Service

– If you only want to watch the market once a week and prefer to make trades on a mid-term time frame, choose our Investor Service

– If you want custom analysis (where we analyze any three stocks/ETFs/indexes/cryptos a month for you), updates on the market  every day, and access to our ETF trade recommendations, choose our Professional service

– If you are a near-term trader that wants to receive our stock and cryptocurrency trade recommendations in addition to overall market direction and traditional ETF trade recommendations, choose our Trader-plus Service

– If you want it all – custom analysis of any three stocks/ETFs/indexes/cryptos of your choosing each month, stock and cryptocurrency trade recommendations, and traditional ETF recommendations, choose our Professional-plus Service

2  Use the username and password that you established and log in by clicking on the green “log in” button in the top right corner.

3  You are now in your member’s section. Near the top of the page you can access our daily updates (if you subscribed to any of our trader or professional services) and our weekly newsletter (all levels of service) via the big red buttons.

– The daily update provides highlights of the day’s most interesting overall market developments, the near-term trades we recommend, and an updated chart of every one of the instruments we follow, complete with current Elliott Wave analysis. Here’s an example of our daily update.

– The weekly newsletter highlights the week’s most interesting developments, a forecast of the overall stock market’s direction, the mid term ETF trades we recommend, and an updated chart of every one of the 41 ETFs we follow, complete with current Elliott Wave analysis. Here’s an example of our weekly newsletter.

4  You can also scroll down the page in the member’s section to get direct access to our current and pending trades. This is what our current and pending trades section look like:

Current Trades

etf etf description entry date trade entry level stop level current price current return
UVXY Vix 3/8/15 short $82.50 $48.00 $40.52 +50.88%
IWM Russell 2000 3/18/15 long $124 $118 $123.01 -0.79%
IBB Biotech 1/13/15 long $320 $325 $364.97 +14.05%

Pending Trades

action etf etf name enter this trade at place initial stop level at current price level
buy USO oil $22.25 $20.25 $20.31
short DBA agriculture $21.50 $22.50 $21.24
buy RSX russia $21.00 $19.00 $18.95

The first table tells you everything you want to know about our open trades; where and when we entered the position, where our current stop level is, and what our current return is on the trade. The second table shows you the trades we plan to take soon. It indicates the instrument we are trading, exactly where we are going to buy, and exactly where our stop level will be placed. Nothing but the cold hard facts on how to be a successful stock market trader.

5  We recommend entering a buy stop order at the exactly entry level indicated. Once the entry level has been hit and a trade is entered, we recommend immediately entering a sell stop order exactly where the stop level is indicated.

6  As the trend develops, we actively manage the trade by improving our stop level to make sure that the risk associated with the trade is as small as possible. As the trend matures, our stop level will get closer and closer to the current price of the instrument. Once the trend completes, our stop level will be hit, allowing you to exit the trade with a gain and get ready for the next opportunity.

7  The strength of the market will determine how many trades we are in at any given time. There are periods where the market is full of landmines and we won’t trade. There are also periods where there are trends everywhere and we will hold up to 10 positions.

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