how to use TrendLizard

1 After logging in, the first page you will see is your members page.

2  At the top of your members page will be a large red button. Click on it to access our latest weekly update, which is updated by 9pm est every Friday. 

- The weekly update discusses the week's most important Elliott Wave developments across the market (on the ETFS, stocks, and crypto we follow), provides a forecast of the overall stock market's direction using the S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq), lists open trade ideas (including current returns) and pending trade ideas (including exactly where to enter these trades and where to place your stop level), and provides an updated chart of every one of the instruments we follow, complete with current Elliott Wave analysis. 

You can also scroll down the page in the member's section to get direct access to our current and pending trades. This is what our current and pending trades section look like:

Current Trades

etf etf description entry date trade entry level stop level current price current return
UVXY Vix 3/8/15 short $82.50 $48.00 $40.52 +50.88%
IWM Russell 2000
3/18/15 long $124 $118 $123.01 -0.79%
IBB Biotech 1/13/15 long $320 $325 $364.97 +14.05%

Pending Trades

action etf etf name enter this trade at place initial stop level at current price level
buy USO oil $22.25 $20.25 $20.31
short DBA agriculture $21.50 $22.50 $21.24
buy RSX russia $21.00 $19.00 $18.95

The "current trades" table tells you everything you want to know about our open trades; where and when we entered the position, where our current stop level is, and what our current return is on the trade. You can enter these trades at any time after we have entered them, as long as the risk level is acceptable (the risk is the difference between the price you buy the instrument and the current stop level - this is your maximum potential loss).

The "pending trades" table shows you the trades we plan to take soon. It indicates the instrument we are going to trade, the exact price level where we are going to buy the instrument, and the exact price level where our stop level will be placed.

4  We recommend entering a buy stop order at the exactly entry level we have indicated. Once the entry level has been hit and a trade is entered, we recommend immediately entering a sell stop order exactly where the stop level is indicated to serve as your stop level.

As the trend develops, we actively manage the trade by improving our stop level to make sure that the risk associated with the trade is as small as possible. As the trend matures, our stop level will get closer and closer to the current price of the instrument. Once the trend completes, our stop level will be hit, allowing you to exit the trade with a gain and get ready for the next opportunity.

The strength of the market will determine how many trades we are in at any given time. There are periods where the market is full of landmines and we won't trade. There are also periods where there are trends everywhere and we will hold up to 10 positions.

If you have any questions about how to use TrendLizard, send me an email using the form below and I will get back to you right away. Welcome to TrendLizard, market domination starts here!

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