TrendLizard’s five key advantages

1. Our Elliott Wave analysis is tradable, with proven results

Some (cough most) Elliott Wave analysts spend a lot of time theorizing and not much time trading Elliott Wave. We trade Elliott Wave. We use a very straightforward, objective brand of Elliott Wave that is true to the origins of the theory. It’s completely focused on identifying and trading low-risk, high-potential setups to make you consistent profits in the stock market, and we have the trading record to prove it.

2. With the value we provide, we’re really cost-effective

In the past we’ve offered multiple service levels. We’ve since reduced it to one because you don’t need Elliott Wave updates every day, but you really do need to see Elliott Wave price action on all instruments to understand the texture of the market at all times. Similar services run hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Ours is $35 a month. Our trade recommendations have historically outperformed the market.

3. Our analysis is straightforward and easy to understand

Honestly, there is nothing straightforward or easy about trading the stock market. But that’s our problem, not yours. We do the heavy-lifting, run the algorithm, break down the numbers, talk to NASA, and come back to you with only the things you need to know to be a highly successful stock market participant.

4. Our analysis is 100% objective

Somewhere along the line, some of the main figureheads in the Elliott Wave community turned bearish and have been calling for the market’s demise ever since. The problem is, the stock market has had two of history’s greatest bull markets over that period. We’re not here to make bold predictions; we’re here to listen to the story the market is telling us so that we can take an objective approach and make money at every opportunity.

5. We are as specific as humanly possible

There is nothing vague about our analysis. We tell you exactly what to buy, when to buy it, how the trade is doing every step of the way, and when to sell it.

This is the best Elliott Wave service you’ll find anywhere. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself!