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TrendLizard's ETF Trading Performance (as of 9/1/23)

 Year Win/Loss Ave. Gain Ave. Loss S&P 500 return (comparison) TrendLizard returns
 2023 3/2  +63.26% -7.20%  17.61% +35.35%
 2022 2/10  +2.07% -5.41%  -19.44% -27.78%
 2021 8/18  +19.70% -5.64%  26.89% +82.40%
 2020 8/8  +12.91% -2.98%  16.26% +33.34%
 2019 3/8  +12.65% -3.77%  +28.88% +21.00%
 2018 11/10  +12.61% -2.56%  -4.38% +9.42%
 2017  7/9  +9.55% -4.15%   +19.42% +35.80%
 2016  11/10  +7.45% -3.15%   +9.53% +14.46%
2015  14/19 +12.23%  -4.84% -0.70% +7.26%
2014  27/16 +8.49%  -4.43% +11.13% +38.75%
2013  30/8 +7.78%  -2.88% +27.00% +51.28%


Our Elliott Wave trading service has changed!!

We have undergone a seismic change to the service we offer you. We are no longer offering multiple service levels, instead we've transitioned to a single service that offers you a once-a-week update each Friday. This publication includes all of our Elliott Wave analysis, including analysis of the overall stock market, ETFs, stocks, and crypto because in volatile times like these, it's important to be able to take advantage of opportunities whenever and wherever they may arise.

The driving force for this change is to sync the analysis we put out with the actual time frame where Elliott Wave is most useful. This theory is insanely potent on the mid and larger time frames. But if we spend every day staring at it, it's easy to get lost in the trees. This gets us refocused on the forest.

Click here to gain access to our Elliott Wave Trading Service.

Thank you for being part of the TrendLizard community and for you support over the past 20 years! Email me at with any questions.

what we can do for you

We use Elliott Wave, the most powerful stock market forecasting method of all time, to show you exactly where and when to enter low-risk, high-potential trades on every major corner of the market. We keep it simple; we tell you what the theory is saying in real and understandable terms so you can focus on what's important; entering winning trades.

For $35/month, we offer you a weekly newsletter, issued every Friday, that includes the following:

        • Forecast of the direction of the overall stock market on the near, mid, and long-term time frames using the S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq
        • Elliott Wave analysis and trading recommendations on all 38 major ETFs (U.S. market indexes, U.S market sectors, global markets, commodities, currencies, and bonds)
        • Elliott Wave analysis and trading recommendations on 15 of the most important stocks on the planet (AAPL, AMD, AMZN, COP, DIS, FB, FDX, GM, GOOGL, GS, MSFT, NFLX, NVDA, SQ, TSLA, UNH)
        • Elliott Wave analysis and trading recommendations on Bitcoin and Ethereum
        • Complete Elliott Wave chart database of all instruments we cover; ETFs, stocks, and crypto

There's nothing vague about our market forecasts. We tell you exactly what Elliott Wave is forecasting and back it up with specific high-potential, low-risk trades. Along the way, we  educate you on how to use Elliott Wave. All of our trade recommendations (aside from crypto) can be done in your normal trading account or IRA. Here is an example newsletter.

This stuff worksClick here to subscribe to our Elliott Wave Trading Service and see for yourself! Or watch this video to learn more about what we can do for your trading account.



our trading record

Since 2013, subscribers to our market updates have outperformed the S&P 500 by

Win/Loss Ratio
# of gains
# of losses
Average Gain
Average Loss

*every trade we've made has been set up beforehand with exact buy and sell instructions

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  • "Hi Ryan... your recent calls have been brilliant. I really enjoy reading your daily report... it has helped me a lot! Thanks so much"

    - Harley

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    - Dr. Bill

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    - Richard

  • "I want to thank you for sharing your insight into the stock market. I've always thought it was a random mess without any way to gain an edge. You have proven to me that the market is orderly and even predictable, with the right tools which you seem to have found. Thank you!!"

    - Samuel

  • " I read you on a daily basis and love your simplicity and accuracy. I really appreciate your daily comments and weekly letter. You are easy to read and most importantly, I'm finally making consistent profits in the market. Keep your good work and hope to read your blog for a long time!"

    - Martin

  • "Congratulations to TrendLizard! Really good job that you do! I love your work and I love Elliot Wave Principle! Thank you very much!"

    - Karoly

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  • "Too much of Elliott Wave is biased and subjective opinions with no chance of making money. You have broke that mold with first Wavespeak and now TrendLizard. It's a god send to be able to follow your trading methodology and understand how the market really works. Please don't stop!"

    - Jenn

  • "I always thought Elliott Wave really was just a theory, not a tradable system. You are hands down the most accurate and profitable Elliott Wave follower I have come across. Keep up the fantastic work, I'll be reading it every day!"

    - Ethan

  • "Your site is really great. I have searched high and low for exactly what you are doing. Nice Job."

     - Carlos

  • "I'm new to the Elliott Wave and still don't always grasp it. I'm happy to find a service where I don't have to; your analysis is very easy to follow, thank you for what you do!"

    - Jimmer

  • "I've followed Prechter and Hochberg for a long time. I'm happy to find TrendLizard and your objective approach to trading!"

    - Chris

  • "I've never had so much calm in my trading, it's a pleasure to find a trading system that removes the guessing and finds the trends."

    - Julio

  • "Ryan, I really like your graphs, comments, and trading style. It puts my mind at ease and makes me think more longer term on trends, I have been too in and out quickly. Keep up the great work!!"

    - Dave

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